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Are You Feelin It?

June 12th, 2012 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics

I haven’t been posting much due to the futility of Bermuda’s public dialogue.  It’s all about the cut and thrust of politics rather than improving life for Bermudians, having a well run Government, or even a functioning economy.

Many Bermudians have an infinite capability to forgive the PLP for its incompetence.  They want the party to have been successful with all their hearts.  I guess it’s hard to admit that, in their mad scramble to hit the jackpot, the party’s leaders have failed all of us.

The opening salvos of the election have been fired with the PLP’s new attack ad.  Looks like the PLP are going to the fallback position:  if you can’t stand on your record, stir the race issue.

So tell me, who’s he hanging out with?  Tell me PLP, do you mean (gasp) White People?

Am I feeling it?  No, I am not feeling the love.


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