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Platforms Redux

December 13th, 2012 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics

Well, I have analysed the two main political platforms, so you don’t have to. Here they are:

PLP:  Don’t vote for the other guys, because if you do, we won’t win.

OBA:  It’s the economy, stupid!  Here’s how we propose to fix it …

The entirety of the PLP campaign has focused on their old nemesis the UBP, and trying to transition the familiar fear/uncertainty/doubt onto their new opponents at the OBA.  In the process, their politicking has further fed divisions within Bermuda, as well as distrust amongst our national clients.

For the record, I think the PLP has it wrong.  The UBP was the old guard trying to attract enough swing voters to win.  The core of the OBA actually are those swing voters.


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