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Campaign Finance Reform

July 5th, 2012 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics, Transparency

Our Government likes to say that it’s a champion of transparency.  The jury is decidedly out on that.

They have steered very clear of one issue – political fundraising – which I have talked about before here and here. 

The idea has been boosted in the past by both David Burt and Wayne Furbert (now in different roles at the PLP) but has faded away because few politicians will willingly restrict the armaments at their disposal.

But with an election on the horizon, aren’t you the voter interested in knowing what interests are fueling the political machines?

Following their own meltdown, the Turks & Caicos Government has published a draft law for political finance including:

  • Transparency on political financing (and other forms of in-kind sponsorship)
  • Restrictions on who may donate
  • Controls on campaign spending (how much may be spent per constituency etc.)
  • Controls on political giving to and spending by third parties (other than political parties)

It used to be that Bermuda’s government was a little town affair.  We are well past that point- it’s time to make our political system grow up.

Paula Cox hangs her (cute perky green) cap on trying to introduce good governance to the public service.  It is is my belief that most of the problems with Bermuda’s civil service stem from the political masters … so let’s start focussing some good governance there too.


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