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Fairy Tales

October 26th, 2012 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics, Education

It’s election time – so the PLP is “busy looking busy”. They are going to great lengths to deflect attention from their track record or to pin down what they would do to get us out of this mess of theirs.  It’s nice to be the incumbent:  DCI seems to be cranking out press releases by the hour!

In the past few days, we’ve had PLP candidates calling the OBA’s plans “a fairy tale” and lacking “substance as a realistic and viable solution to the current challenging issues which impacts our country.”

Hmm, well let’s look at the facts.  Bermuda’s failing public education system is a major contributor to both Bermuda’s social and economic woes. Following are the respective campaign documents from the two major political parties.  You decide who really has a grasp of the issues and a plan to start resolving them.

From the folks who are “standing around for Bermudians”:

And from the OBA:

In my view, the PLP are great at slogans but suck at actually running a government.  We have a gasping big green credibility gap.

And then there’s this.  Wow.  Perfect hammer nail interface.


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