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Flogging a Dead Horse

June 20th, 2012 · No Comments · Independence

Last month, Senator Wilson boondoggled off to the UN Decolonisation talking shop.   Her statement is here.

She pursued the classic PLP strategy of diversion … not talking about the subject at hand but rather talking up the PLP’s expertise at good governance.  But here are some wonderful and confused quotes:

From its inception the PLP’s platform has never wavered from the cause of the independence of our people. As a society that prides itself on the value we place on democracy, we are equally committed to the democratic process of ensuring that we will consult with and be guided by the will of the majority by way of referendum before independence will take place. Mr. Chairman, There is an implied duty in the latter commitment. It places an onus upon us the elected representatives of the people to govern so as to prepare them for this eventuality and to embolden them to seize the opportunity as it presents itself to realize that goal.

Translation:  our job is not to be public servants doing what the public wants.  Our job is to tell them what they should want.

We have sought to learn the lessons of Bermuda’s 1995 defeated referendum on independence under a previous government. It taught us first and foremost that preparation of the people (and indeed the people themselves) are not to be taken for granted nor is such a nationally consequential decision to be left up to electoral chance in spite of the electorate’s signaled aversion. It will have to be a concerted effort with hands on participation by the  masses in the process itself and their strongly signaled endorsement of the cause of independence bolstered by their convictions as to the brighter future it will bring.

Translation:  we support a referendum if we really have to.  But we don’t want to leave it up to the voters ‘cuz we know they don’t want it.  And we want them to focus on “the brighter future” rather than the rather murky  recent past!



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