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How Broke Are We? Pt 3

October 5th, 2011 · No Comments · Economy

In the runups to recent elections, the PLP was enthusiastic in giving away Government services to shore up their base.

These handouts and freebies contributed mightily to our budget deficits and humongous public debt.  (Simple bad management and a taste for the high life accounted for the rest.)

We just can’t afford it anymore.

But the Premier seems to be consumed by putting out the fire o’ the day with a quickie fix.  The Constant Circus lives on!

There is a time when the Premier/Finance Minister will need to roll back some of the pork and waste.  Or will she try to “buy votes” again in the lead up to the next election?

The problems are growing along with the list of short-term patches.  Sooner or later she … or her successor … is going to be forced to elaborate an actual plan to:

  • Repair our troubled economy (ie undo many of their hare-brained, half-assed policies)
  • Control public sector spending (ie reduce government to fit our economy)
  • Plan to pay down the debt

After all these years, I can’t put my finger on a single economic plan or strategy put forward by the PLP and carried through to a successful conclusion.

The Premier has been central to the team that incubated Bermuda’s critical problems.  As nice a gal as we all think she is, it would be to Bermuda’s immense misfortune if she is allowed to dodge accountability for that.


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