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Political Puppets

November 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics

Social media is providing  lots of undercurrents to the 2012 Bermuda election.  The RG comments are plugged up with the useful spew of party faithful and no sooner than a political statement hits Facebook, there’s a surge of criticism.  What’s interesting there is that people are speaking out in their own names – a rare Bermuda occasion.  And of course, you have some people who have so much to say that they manufacture separate Facebook personalities for the purpose.

Despite the party having decried attack politics, PLP supporters have been active with ads on Google and Facebook … and then there’s this marvel:

I’ll ignore the easy comments like, “check out the evil white guy!” or “do they really think our IQ is so low that we only understand puppets?”

What’s more important are these observations:

  1. Nearly every word and action of the PLP’s campaign has been based on a fixation with the OBA.  Nothing about their plans to get us out of this mess.
  2. I repeat, the PLP campaign has so far steadfastedly refused to address the issues that face Bermuda.
  3. They’d rather use puppets than show their own leaders for whom, polls show, local popularity is roughly equal to having a colonoscopy.

Even the rare public statements are being made by newbies rather than show the PLP leadership who have overseen Bermuda’s steep decline over the past decade.  They need to stir peoples’ emotions about the past and to fire up the “PLP all the way” impulse … because once people stop to think, they realise Cabinet has lost control of the present and don’t have a clue what to do for the future.

Less than three weeks to the election:  can I please some detailed party platforms now?


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