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May 15th, 2013 · No Comments · Bermuda Politics, Reform

The new Government has announced an array of reform initiatives:

  • The SAGE Commission to look at ways of fixing the fact that our Government costs waaaay to much for a village of 60,000 people.
  • The new municipalities reform to fix the PLP’s mauling of the Corporations of Hamilton and St George.

So far so good.  And today, they’ve announced a new adhoc committee to look at implementing some of the OBA’s campaign promises:

  • Extend the days for the advance poll for travellers;
  • Introduce absentee balloting to include travellers and students away in college;
  • Give voters the right of recall over MPs;
  • Introduce fixed-term elections for every five years; and, amongst other things; and
  • Set-up a process to allow citizens to initiate a referendum.

I support these as well (although I never trust a political statement that includes “amongst other things”).

I would add an important reform:  all votes in the House of Assembly and Senate should be by name (no more “the ayes have it”).  This not only makes MPs accountable for their vote (which is in fact a proxy for our votes) and lessens the impact of the party whip but will also pinpoint who is not present for the vote (an ongoing problem).


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